Rape victim is being sued by her attacker & nothing is OK about it

Ashley FostreAshely Foster from Palm Beach County, Florida says that she was sexually abused by her cousin Rashawn Jackson for six years. Foster says that from the ages of 13 to 19, her cousin sexually abused her every week. At 21, Hunter told her mother about the abuse and also went to the police. The police report states, "Rashawn admitted that what he had done to Ashley was wrong and apologized." Guess what happened to Rashawn Jackson? Not a damn thig because the three-year statute of limitations for a child molestation charge had been exceeded.

Well, Foster wasn't having it. She took to Facebook and mounted an online campaign to change the state law and she was successful. She did it, there is no longer a statute of limitations in Florida for child molestation cases. Foster deserves nothing but praise, but guess what she's getting instead. She is getting sued by Rashawn Jackson, her abuser!


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You see, even though Jackson admitted to abusing Foster to the police, he is upset that Foster has used his name every step of the way in telling her story and helping to get the law changed in Florida. He doesn't want Hunter to be able to use his name or image publicly because he has never been charged with a crime. Way to repeatedly commit a crime and get away with it, guy, because of stupid technicality. You did it, you admitted to it, but heaven forbid you should suffer for it!

Foster says, "His name has to be put in it so that people to know that it's real." Yeah, and so he doesn't get away with it and so that he doesn't do it to someone else, says me.

I wish Hunter much luck with the case and I am sorry that she will have to face her cousin in court for the first time in years. I hope the judge throws the whole case out and that this man's name is splashed across headlines everywhere. Sinvergüenza.

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