Evil woman killed her baby to save her sex life

carpet cutterNadine Koenig is a 20-year-old from the German state of Bavaria who is on trial for allgedly killing her newborn child. It sounds bad, but it is even worse than you can imagine. During her trial it was revealed that in February of last year, Koenig gave birth at her parents house. They had no idea that she was pregnant as she kept the pregnancy a secret. Prosecutors in court said to Koenig,"You smothered the baby then you slit its throat, causing the infant to bleed to death." Why, why would she do such an awful thing?

She killed the baby so that she could go to a disco that same night! And of course there are more awful details.


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The baby's throat was slashed with a carpet cutter. Then the baby was dumped under a walkway on the Danube River near the family home. It took investigators 12 days to arrest Koenig who is a butcher's shop salesperson.

Koenig's 44-year-old mother, Kerstin, was so distraught by her daughter's actions that she killed herself by throwing herself in front of a moving train and left a suicide note that read, "I know what my daughter did."

Can you imagine what it must have been like for Koenig's mother? To see the heartlessness that her daughter is capable of? And pobrecito papá, Koenig's father is now suffering the loss of a wife, a grandson he never knew was coming and dealing with what his daughter has done. I can't even begin to imagine what he is going through.

If convicted Koenig faces lifetime in prison.

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