Pregnant woman murders boyfriend & you will seriously not believe why

A pregnant woman has been arrested after allegedly stabbing her unborn baby's dad because--get this--he didn't buy her anything while shopping at a local Chicago mall. Seriously?! What is happening in the world these days?

Miata Phelan reportedly accused boyfriend Larry Martin of being selfish because he bought things for his 25-year-old cousin and 8-year-old son during their shopping trip, but not for her. And though the 24-year-old mom-to-be is reportedly well into her pregnancy, that didn't stop her from scratching, kicking, and hitting Martin on the way home from the mall--and that was before things got even more violent.


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Authorities say Phelan first struck Martin while he was driving, almost causing an accident. When they made a stop, she kicked and scratched him before driving away in the car and leaving Martin and his two relatives outside. The fighting continued when all the parties arrived back at their home, with Phelan locking Martin's family out of the apartment before stabbing him in the side with a knife.

Though Martin's cousin applied pressure to the wound and called 911, the man was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Officers say Martin's 8-year-old boy saw the whole thing. Ugh ... and this all started because he didn't buy her something at the mall! It's unbelievable.

Phelan surrendered herself to the police and has since been charged with first-degree murder. Her sister told police that she believes Martin was physically abusing Phelan but that the woman had been "excited about being pregnant."

She was excited about being pregnant, but she killed the father of her unborn baby? And for the most absurd reason EVER? Yeah, I can't quite wrap my mind around that. I feel awful for that baby, who has essentially lost both of his or her parents, but I also can't help thinking that any child with such an unstable mom and dad might be better off without them.  

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