Brazilian soccer fan killed by flying toilet

toiletLatinos take soccer very seriously and with the World Cup coming up, it's guaranteed to stir up a few friendly rivalries. However some people get out of control and one example of that is the tragedy struck in Recife, Brazil this weekend. Paul Ricardo Gomes da Silva, a 26-year-old soccer fan, died after a riot broke out at the Arruda stadium during a Santa Cruz vs. Parana game.

As you can imagine, this also concerns the country, too, as they plan to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world this summer.


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Things started getting rowdy at the Arruda stadium when fans from the opposing team started ripping toilet bowls from the restroom and dropping them on the audience in the stands. Da Silva was reportedly involved in a fight between the fans and rivals when things got out of contol. Among the chaos, he did not see the toilet bowls being thrown and was struck by one. Sadly he was killed instantly.

After the deadly riot that broke out, the Brazilian soccer federation decided to close the stadium to investigate the crime. Arruda is not one of the stadiums being used for the World Cup but it still concerns the federation because of potential violence that could take place.

Brazil is known for riots breaking out at soccer matches and this could be dangerous for tourists flying in for the big sporting event. As far as the latest incident goes, fans from both teams were arrested as police continue to investigate. Despite how nervous officials are with the escalating violence as the World Cup nears, authorities say they are beefing up security for the event.

This is just insane! I understand people can be passionate about sports, but I don't get when they turn violent. It's just a game and it's bad sportsmanship to act this way. As a result a person was killed and who knows how many others were injured in the process. People need to learn to calm down and not take games this seriously. Hopefully this doesn't impact the number of tourists the city is going to have for the World Cup and I'm crossing my fingers that they have top notch security present during the event.

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