SEE: Son knew he was about to die & what he did will break your heart

Jeffrey HunterThis story makes my whole being ache. On April 27 an EF-4 tornado was headed directly toward Jeffrey Hunter as he hid in a bathroom in Violonia, Arkansas. He was with his father and stepmother at the time. That young man, a senior at University of Central Arkansas, somehow knew he wasn't going to make it. He used his final moments to text his mother, Regina Wood, who was 20 miles away. All Wood could do was keep her son updated on the whereabouts of the E-4 tornado and try to tell him that he was going to be okay. The last text that Hunter sent his mother is going to break your heart, but if you are a mother it is going to make your entire being ache, brace yourself.


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Tornado victim text to motherLiterally, as the tornado was hitting, Hunter sent his mother a text reading, "Goodbye mama..." quickly followed by, "It's heading right for me" and then nothing.

Hunter's father and stepmother were seriously hurt, but survived. Hunter did not.

A few minutes after the tornado hit and a few homes down, Lyman Watkins crawled out of a closet he and his wife had been hiding in to survey the damage done by the tornado. Watkins says, "All you could hear was horns going off and people hollering help help." Soon Watkins came across Hunter's unconscious body.

Bless that young man, may he rest in peace!

I'm so torn up that he didn't survive and as a mother I am overwhelmed by the last gift he gave his mother. He said good-bye to her! He used the last seconds of his life to say good-bye to her. If that is not a testament to how much he loves her and yes I use the present tense of love on purpose because a love like that does not die, then I don't know what is.

My heartfelt condolences to Regina Wood.

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