WATCH: Toddler pepper sprayed & you'll never believe why

2-year-old pepper sprayedOMG, I'm so upset right now. I just watched the video below of 2-year-old Dayton Barratt in Surrey, British Columbia who got pepper sprayed last Monday--and when you hear why you'll be as upset as I am. Seeing that child in pain and crying puts me in a mother's rage. How could anyone do such a thing? It is absolutely deplorable.


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The little boy was playing in a park with his mother and father when a black Range Rover allegedly sped by. The father yelled at the driver to slow down and I guess that pissed the driver off so words were exchanged. Then the friggin' Range Rover comes back a few minutes later and a passenger in the back seat pulls out pepper spray and sprays the family, getting the dad right in the face and causing the toddler to breathe in that nastiness.

Sarah Barratt, Dayton's mom, says, "His whole face was swollen to the point where, I would say, his face was twice the normal size. And he was screaming." Paramedics were called to treat both father and son and in the meantime neighbors helped hose down the little boy to get as much of the spray off of him as possible.

This makes me sick. To begin with, slow the eff down when you are driving by a park and if a dad gets mad at you because he's worried about the safety of his 2-year-old kid, get over it.

Look at what happened to this poor child! Police are still on the lookout for the suspects. I hope they catch them, bunch of jerks attackin' a family at the park.

Image via CBC News

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