Deranged 17-year-old plotted to kill family & bomb school​

school shootingPolice made a shocking discovery after learning that Minnesota teen had horrific plans to commemorate the Columbine massacre at his school on Tuesday. The 17-year-old honors student, John David LaDue, reportedly intended to not only go on a killing spree at Waseca High School, but he also planned on killing his family in the process.

Luckily police were able to find out this information before tragedy struck thanks to a worker at the self-storage unit who was suspicious of the teen's activity.


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The boy was reached out by police immediately after they visited the self-storage unit and found the number of pressure cooker bombs, molotov cocktails, and weapons he had intended to use on the school and to kill his family. LaDue cooperated with authorities and told them his entire plan, even revealing that he'd planted bombs outside a nearby elementary school in April but they were discovered before they went off. Investigators also found that upon dismantling it that they posed as no harm to students because they were made with CO2 cartridges.

The smug teen had no remorse for his evil and had intentions to make more explosives wiith what police called "a very well thought-out plan." He had written out step by step in a notebook that he was going to kill his parents and sister first with an assault rifle, then planned on attacking the school and that he intended to cause a lot of harm.

The news shocked students at the school who recall LaDue as quiet and reserved boy who wasn't a troublemaker. "He had never been in trouble in school," said the school superintendent, Brian Dietz. "I do think that people are quite disturbed and shocked… it's a disturbing thing."

It's unclear why the teen wanted to commit such a horrific act, but police say he is going to be charged as a minor and faces charges of four counts of premeditated murder. There are still many questions left unanswered that police say they will slowly disclose as investigation continues.

This is freaking bananas! After the Columbine massacre and the Sandy Hook tragedy, stories like these make me so angry that there are people out there that are this evil. I'm glad though that police were able to catch this kid before he got away with committing something so deadly! What could possibly be going on in your life that compels you to want to kill so many people? I hope that doctors do a thorough evaluation on LaDue because there is something clearly off about him. Thank god for that brave and alert citizen for keeping an eye out and preventing what could have been another horrific school massacre.

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