Teen fakes own kidnapping to win back ex-boyfriend

Just when you thought teens these days couldn't possibly get any more out of control, a 16-year-old Florida girl has been accused of faking her own kidnapping to win back her ex-boyfriend. Really? There is something seriously wrong with today's society.

Apparently, Ankita Lavender called her dad a little after 7 p.m. on Tuesday night and told him that two men in a pickup truck had abducted her. Her parents notified 911 and police launched an extensive search, complete with 40 deputies and a helicopter. Little did they know the whole thing was a hoax!


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After making the initial call, Lavender shut off her phone. Over the next few hours, deputies searched the entire area for any sign of the girl, even issuing an Amber Alert. The teen was finally found at around 10:30 that night when a motorist spotted her lying on her back on the shoulder of the road, less than a mile from where she was claimed she was taken.

Originally, Lavender appeared upset and was complaining of injuries from being throw from the vehicle. But when questioned by the detectives, she admitted she made up the story in order to garner sympathy from her boyfriend. Can you believe that?! The nerve of some kids!

Now, the teen could be in serious trouble. Prosecutors are looking into possible charges such as filing a false police report and the police department, who reportedly spent $5,000 to $6,000 on the search, are seeking reimbursement from the family in court.

Man ... if that was my kid, she would be grounded for life. Who does something like that? Not only did she cause a ton of worry and panic for her parents, she also wasted the police's valuable time and efforts. And now her family might have to pay for her stunt! I think at least some charges should be brought against her, so that she can truly learn her lesson and never do anything that stupid again.  

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