Mom throws toddler under moving truck & you'll never believe why

An irate woman in China threw her two children--a 14-month-old daughter and a 6-year-old son--in front of oncoming traffic on a busy road. The 14-month-old baby died during the horrific stunt, crushed beneath the wheels of a 40-ton truck, while the 6-year-old boy managed to survive with minimal injuries, mainly cuts and a broken arm, thanks to a heroic stranger who himself delved into traffic to rescue the boy. You'll never believe the dranged, demented, ridiculous reason that drove this woman to become a monster.


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Apparently, the woman, 33-year-old Hu Chen, was motivated by her desire to exact revenge on her husband, with whom she'd argued minutes earlier in the city of Cixi in the Zhejiang province.

Witnesses said Chen did not utter a word before picking her toddler up and throwing her into the path of the oncoming truck. No one claimed to see her shed a tear or hear her scream. Instead, they mentioned how the truck driver, Yul Tsui, seemed deeply upset about the tragic accident. According to reports, once he was able to stop the truck, he emerged and knelt down before the dead child, crying in anguish and saying a prayer for her.

Given the heartless, depraved, nefarious nature of her crime, Chen will almost certainly be found guilty of murder and attempted murder and, in turn, have to face the death penalty. 

I think I speak for most mothers when I say that the death penalty doesn't even seem like a harsh enough punishment for such a monster. When Chen brought those children into the world, she vowed to protect them at all costs--and, instead, she literally placed them in harm's way.

If she wanted to exact revenge upon her husband, why couldn't she just throw his junk out the window like so many scorned women before her? Why couldn't she just light his clothes on fire like Angela Bassett's character did in Waiting To Exhale? What kind of a person would endanger the life of her own children as part of a revenge ploy? I don't care if the man was a vicious, womanizing, alcohol-swigging chump--the children had absolutely nothing to do with his behavior or any marital problems the couple had. They were completely innocent creatures, and now one child is gone and the other will have to live his life knowing that his mom, the person who was supposed to love him more than anyone, actually tried to murder him. 

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