Baby clinging to life after savage beating by disgusting dad

Nicholas SpiridioneJesse Stahl is 6 months old and in the hospital fighting for his life after having been severely beaten by his 23-year-old father Nicholas Spirdione, who happens to be an EMT. An EMT! Aren't they supposed to help save lives? Jesse's 24-year-old mom, Cory Stahl, was at home when the beatings occurred, but she couldn't help her baby because she was allegedly drugged by Spirdione and she is also severely hearing impaired so she couldn't hear her baby's cries in another room. When Stahl did find out that her baby had been hurt, she called 911. Officers arrived at the home in Taylor, Michigan and Spirdione was taken into custody after admitting to punching or dropping Jesse the night before and that afternoon.

Stahl is beating herself up for not protecting her child. I'm sure any mother would feel the same way.


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She says, "I would have never known that he would do something like that." Up until this happened she was engaged to this man. Since his arrest, she has had no contact with him and is spending most of her time at Children's Hospital of Michigan where Jesse had surgery for his head injuries, which include brain swelling and hemorrhaging. He had to have bone removed from his skull to alleviate the swelling. Poor little guy.

Jesse StahlAw, this baby is all messed up and full of tubes because of what his own father did to him. He faces the possibility of permanent brain damage. If you are the praying kind, please include this sweet baby in your prayers.

I don't know what the heck is wrong with Nicholas Spirdione. He has been arraigned on charges that include one count of torture and two counts of first-degree child abuse. If found guilty he could face up to life in prison. He claims he's sorry and wants counseling. He says, "I am destroyed inside; I did not mean to hurt my son. I feel so bad. I am very sorry. ... This is not who I am."

Uh, I have no compassion for this man and hope he does spend his life in prison. You know why? Because he may think he is destroyed inside, but the people who are really destroyed at the moment are Cory Stahl and her precious baby boy Jesse. You don't get a do-over after attacking a defenseless baby. NO!

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