Mom's desperate Facebook plea ends up saving sick toddler's life

When Minnesota mom Ashley Booth learned that daughter Arianna Moore's kidney disease was advancing much faster than expected and that she would need a transplant, she decided desperate times call for desperate measures. Anxious to try and find a match to save her 2-year-old, she turned to the Internet for help, creating the Facebook page ALL4MOORE. Little did she know it would end up saving her child's life.

Little Arianna was first diagnosed with Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis right after birth and the disease was quickly scarring her kidneys, causing them to fail. The toddler has been on dialysis for 10 hours a day, every day for the majority of the life. But thanks to Facebook and the help of a complete stranger, that's all about to change.


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Florida woman Christy Harding stumbled upon the ALL4MOORE page and just knew she had to do something to help. So she reached out to the children's hospital where Arianna was being treated and asked what she could do. It turns out Harding's kidney was a perfect match! How crazy is that?! Talk about fate!

Now, despite having never actually met each other, both Harding and Arianna will be undergoing the kidney transplant surgery in May. And as if saving her life wasn't enough, Harding had another surprise in store for Arianna and her family. She set up a Go Fund Me page dedicated to raising money to send the Minnesota family to Disney World, which has already raised over $2,000. Wow, this woman truly has a heart of gold.

This is such an amazing story with an even better happy ending! I'm so glad that Arianna is finally going to get the chance to get better and enjoy her childhood, thanks to Harding's generosity—and the power of social media, of course!  

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