Mom let boyfriend take nude pics of her 12-year-old daughter

cameraThere are some women out there that I will never understand how they can call themselves mothers. Take for example 34-year-old Leslie Gay, who was arrested after letting her 43-year-old boyfriend, Christopher Lucas, take nude pictures of her 12-year-old daughter.

The couple faces charges of lewd lewd and lascivious conduct and eliciting sexual performances from a child. The reason she even let him take pictures in the first place is more outrageous!


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The crazy woman told police the reason she allowed Lucas to take pictures of the minor was because they were to "fulfill her aspirations of becoming a Playboy model." When authorities investigated the man's laptop they found pictures of the girl ranging from November through March of this year.

leslie gayThe couple was exposed when the Department of Children and Families investigated their home after being told that that there was a case of child neglect in their home. The images they found showed the girl posing sexually and nude in some shots.

The pictures had been transferred to Lucas' computer where he had them hidden in a folder. They were both arrested, but Lucas was released from jail and Gay is being held on a $70,000 bond. They could be facing even more charges depending on what the judge rules in their case.

Stories like this make me lose all faith in humanity. It disgusts me that two adults think this is appropriate behavior and that it's okay to promote child pornography. It concerns me that this girl aspires to be a Playboy model and that her mom was encouraging it! What kind of a sick mother allows her underage daughter to pose nude for her boyfriend? There are so many things wrong with this story, but hopefully this mom and her boyfriend get the sentence they deserve.

Image via Adam Foster/ Flickr, Brevard County Sheriffs Office

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