Mom opens son's juice box & finds the most DISGUSTING thing you can imagine

Most parents would agree that juice boxes become a kitchen staple once you have kids. So imagine the horror one Wisconsin mother must have felt recently when she opened her 5-year-old's juice box and found it was halfway filled with mold. So gross!

According to WITI, Suzanne Hogue poked a hole in the juice box and poured half the box into a cup for her son, Nathan, to drink. Everything seemed normal until she noticed an odd odor and began inspecting the box. What she found is enough to turn anyone's stomach. Check out the disgusting picture below.


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"[The mold] took up half of the juice box and at this point it was brown, black, green.  I didn't even know what I was looking at at first," she told the news station. "I was so shocked when I opened it up.  I had no idea what it was.  It was so repulsive..."

Hogue says her son has autism and doesn't talk so he had no way of telling her that there was something funny with the juice he was drinking. Ugh, can you imagine finding mold in your kid's juice after you already served it to them?!

Both the Center for Disease Control and Hogue's pediatrician told her to monitor Nathan in case he gained any suspicious symptoms. Luckily, he never did.

Still, this happens more than you may think. Mold can grow inside any food container if it's exposed to air, regardless of brand. And since most juice boxes don't come in transparent packing, parents have no way of seeing whether a product has gone bad before serving it to your family. Yuck!

The whole thing is a good reminder to all parents to inspect their kids' food and beverages closely just in case. You never know what you could find!

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