Woman's body explodes, leaves poor neighbor in financial ruin

I don't know what is up with Florida, but the craziest news just happens to come from there. Judy Rodrigo of Palm Beach has to pay up for damage in her home--but the damage is not her fault, it's her dead neighbor's! Since 2008, Rodrigo fought her home insurance to cover the damage caused to her place after her elderly upstairs neighbor's decomposing body exploded and leaked into her apartment.

Unfortunately when she contacted them, they rejected her plea to have them cover the damage for the craziest reason ever.


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According to news reports, the neighbor was an elderly woman who lived alone and died of natural causes, but she wasn't found until two weeks later when her body "exploded" and leaked into Rodrigo's downstairs apartment. When maintenance workers found the body, they said her dog had been chewing away at it.

The woman's death is sad, but that didn't change the fact that Rodrigo was now stuck with an apartment that--literally--smelled like death. She had to have her place gutted because of the rancid stench that remained and she tried to get her insurance company to cover the cost. Unfortunately they denied her request since their company's "peril" policy didn't cover damage caused by a dead body.

The poor woman tried arguing in court that the fact that the neighbor's body exploded did qualify as a "peril" but the company wouldn't have it. The court ended up agreeing with the insurance company and Rodrigo is now expected to pay out of pocket for the damage that was repaired.

That is so unfair! No offense to her neighbor, but what is it her fault that she was old and on the verge of death? Maybe if Florida had some written rule in insurance policies toward potentially dying elderly neighbors I'd understand the insurance's side. This woman had no way of determining when the old lady was going to die and what concerns me is that no one even found it suspicious that they hadn't seen the woman in so long. I would probably die if a dead body leaked into my place and if I were Rodrigo, I'd filed an appeal. There is no way she should be paying for that damage and she should continue to fight it!

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