Chinese teacher sentenced to death for raping multiple students

man in cuffsGao Daosheng, a 59-year-old Chinese school teacher, was sentenced to death this week after being found guilty of rape and molestation charges involving first and second grade students at a school in the city of Wuhu in Wuwei County. The abuse happened in 2011 and involved at least 11 students. The reports of the abuse are disgusting and mind-blowing and if you think this is the kind of thing that only happens in China, you are wrong.


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According to reports, five girls were raped frequently by this man and six others were molested once. How does something like this happen? How can a teacher abuse so many children so many times?

It's easy to look at this and think, Well, that happened in China, not where I live, but here's the thing: This kind of abuse happens all over the world. Dr. Long Bi of the Institute of Psychology at Beijing's Chinese Academy of Sciences says:

Child sex abuse cases in China are not unique and did not start just now. The problem exists across all human societies. It is an expression of cultural violence towards children and sexuality. The bigger question here to ask is how to stop more abuse. It requires multidisciplinary collaboration.

I think Dr. Bi is right. As someone who regularly scans world headlines, I'm sorry to say that I see child sex abuse cases all the time, in all parts of the world.

I'm glad Gao Daosheng was caught. I'm glad to see that his crimes were not taken lightly. I'm sorry that his death cannot and will not erase the abuse that he has done. It brings no relief to find out that he will be killed for his crimes because his death fixes nothing in this world where our children are not safe.

I hope the children that he abused receive all the help and support that they need because they are the ones I care about, not the man who did this to them.

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