WATCH: Insane video of Instagram playboy throwing naked porn star off roof!

I'm always so baffled by how stupid some people could be and "Instagram's biggest playboy" Dan Bilzerian has to be one of the most idiotic individuals on the planet. The man literally threw a 19-year-old fully naked porn star off the roof of a Hollywood Hills mansion into a pool. And guess what? He broke her foot in the process. Really? There's video footage to prove it. You HAVE to watch this nonsense to believe it!


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Come to think of it, I don't know who's stupider, Dan Bilzerian or Janice Griffith, the butt naked porn star that was thrown off the roof. I mean, you have to be missing a few screws to be hanging out on the roof top of some Hollywood mansion completely nude. And you have to lack self-dignity and common sense to let some guy grab you by the vag and throw you off a mansion into a pool. Did I mention he threw her headfirst into the pool?

I don't know how drunk or high these two were, but their idiotic attempt clearly didn't turn out the way they planned. Because Janice later tweeted from a hospital, "I broke my foot today." Genius! She's lucky that's the only thing she wound up breaking. Considering she was thrown headfirst she could have easily injured her head and wound up in a much more critical state. Trust me, you need to watch this video to see how incredibly idiotic and obnoxious it is. Check it out below and try not to gag in the process!

Image via TMZ

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