Mom throws newborn baby boy into bloody trash can

A South Carolina mom was arrested after she gave birth to infant baby boy and then allegedly threw him away in a bloody trashcan.

According to reports, a neighbor called authorities earlier this week after spotting an unusual amount of blood near the trash bin. When police investigated, they discovered the newborn, wrapped in a plastic grocery bag and pink blanket. Ugh, there are some incidents that are too horrible for words and this is definitely one of them.


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Thankfully, the baby boy was miraculously still alive when they found him and is in now in stable condition after getting treated by EMS at the scene. Authorities identified the child's mother as Sharon Ferguson, who admitted to giving birth to the baby boy on Monday and then discarding him in the bin.

A family spokesman told reporters that Ferguson is homeless and suffers a "diagnosed mental illness." Police say she has since been arrested nearby and charged with attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child.

There's no denying what she did was deplorable and awful beyond explanation. On the other hand, we don't even know if Ferguson was in her right mind or even capable of rational thought at the time. While many states give people the option to legally leave your baby at a hospital or fire station, it's unclear if Ferguson would have known that or even been able to take the proper actions. Whatever the case, my heart breaks for that baby boy and I hope he is able to find a loving home with a family that is thrilled to take care of him.

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