Girl finds her birth mother & you have to see how she did it

Thanks to a little help from the Internet, Iowa teen Hannah Stouffer recently celebrated her birthday in a truly unforgettable way: by meeting her birth mother!

The teen, who was adopted as a baby, turned 19 last week and marked the occasion by posting a photo of herself on her social media accounts. In the photo, she explains that she's looking for her birth mother and asks Internet users to help spread the word. Well, she definitely got her wish!


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Stouffer revealed that she had been interested in meeting her birth mother since she was 14. Her adoption was closed, so all she really knew was the hospital and city of birth and that her mom was a 15-year-old ninth-grader when she gave birth. As mentioned in the photo, all the teen wanted to do was "meet her and thank her."

Luckily, her plea worked! By Saturday night, more than 50,000 people had retweeted the photo or shared it on Facebook.  One person who also saw the photo? Her birth mother, who eventually tracked down her phone number and the two met up at a coffee shop. Stouffer, who is a mother to a 1-year-old girl herself, even got to meet her two biological sisters. Incredible, right? She shared this adorable picture of the two of them. Look how happy they look

It's amazing that Stouffer was able to find her birth mom and even moreso, that so many people were willing to help her do so--including her adopted parents. Clearly, she has a lot of support on her side and now, she can add her birth mother and two sisters to the list!

Images via Hannah Stouffer/Twitter

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