Teen kicked out of her prom for ridiculous sexist reason

promI never went to my high school prom, but if I did I would assume that whatever I chose to wear would be appropriate for the event. One North Carolina teen however got in trouble after she showed up to her prom wearing something other than a dress. Shafer Rupard Instead opted to wear pants to her prom held at the Cherryville Golf & Country Club on Saturday.

However her unique fashion sense struck the attention of a teacher chaperoning who asked her to leave because of her attire. How rude!


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Although most girls wear dresses or gowns to their proms, if they chooses not to and are still dressed appropriately I don't see anything wrong with it. Rupard wore red skinny jeans with a black button down and a red hat to match when she was approached by said teacher on the dance floor.

teenShe at first thought the chaperone was going to ask her take off her hat and leather jacket, but she had a different issue with her attire. Instead she didn't like the fact that the student was wearing pants to the prom. Both Rupard and her mom were shocked that she was kicked out of prom simply for wearing pants. After revising the school's code of conduct they found that nothing indicates a dress code listed for prom. Even the school's assistant principal admitted there was no such rule.

"It's just the way she's always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin," her mom, Shawn McQuaige, explained. The school and teacher have yet to offer the student an apology for the inappropriate outburst.

It's unfortunate that some people still maintain an outdated mentality when it comes to the ways women dress. This student wore something that was appropriate for the event, but it didn't adhere to societal standards. I bet if this student showed up wearing a completely revealing dress the school wouldn't have said anything. I hope that she gets an apology soon because what happened to her was completely sexist and uncalled for.


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