Less than a week after Latin America's most famous author Gabriel Garcia Márquez died in his home at the age of 87, family, friends, and admirers paid tribute to him today in a moving memorial at the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City.

According to reports, thousands of his readers waited in line in the neighboring park for a chance to pay their respects. Inside, guests gave a standing ovation when the black urn with the adored author's ashes was carried down the stairs of the lobby and placed on a pedestal surrounded by yellow flowers. It was a touching and beautiful ceremony for the man who made a difference in so many lives.


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García Márquez's widow, Mercedes Barcha, and the couple's two sons and grandchildren sat in the front row as guests filed in. Though García Márquez was a native Colombian, he had made Mexico City his adopted home for most of the last 50 years. Both the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, gave eulogies to the writer, who Santos said "has given us glory."

The writer had been cremated in an earlier private ceremony and the memorial ended with both presidents mounting a guard of honor next to his ashes. Yellow butterflies were thrown into the air as his many admirers left, a symbolic tribute to García Márquez's favorite color and a nod to perhaps his most famous, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Family members have not revealed what they intend to do with the ashes, although there have been rumors that at least some of them will go to Colombia.

Fans of his writing will be not surprised to hear that so many people were eager to memorialize the author, whose death is undeniably a great loss to the world. Still, while the day must have been difficult for his family, it must be comforting to see just how much his works affected other people's lives and to know that he'll always continue to live on through his books and writings. My heart goes out to all of his loved ones.

Below, check out a few of García Márquez's most famous works:

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