WATCH: Vigilante bus passengers brutally beat up man harassing viejitos (NSFW)

NYC busAn oversized bully on a New York City bus got his comeuppance this weekend and it was all caught on video. I have no idea why, but this jerk decided to pick on an elderly couple that were sitting at the front of the bus. They don't appear to be doing anything to incite this fool, but he keeps yelling and cursing at them and saying things to them that make you want to wash his mouth out with soap.

As he's yelling at them, you see a couple of people get up to move away from the crazy man, I would have too. However, I have to say that I am proud of the people on that bus because when push came to shove, they defended those abuelos against that desgraciado. Oh yeah, they kicked his nalgas right off the bus and you've got to see it.


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I mean it's like the elderly couple has no choice, but to sit there and be abused by this foul-mouthed monster, but when he starts getting physically aggressive, the elderly gentleman gets up to defend himself and his companion. Then the bully has the nerve to push and try to slug the old man, who by the way is using a cane. Who picks on an old man with a cane, y'all?!

Oh no, that's when the people on the bus decide they've has enough and take that fool down and kick his sorry butt off the bus. I'm so relieved because I come across so many incidents of abuse where no one steps in to help and I totally get that sometimes it's not safe to do so, but this time score one for the good guys!

You can see the incident below. Be warned that there is more foul language in it than you will see written on the bathroom walls of gas station.

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