Terrorists kidnap 234 girls from their school!

classroomA group of 85 teen girls were said to have been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria, but now the numbers have risen. The Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria was attacked last Monday when suspected Islamic extremist rebels Boko Haram ambushed the school and forced the students onto buses and trucks.

Originally it was widely reported that 85 girls were taken, but parents are confirming that in reality it's 234 of them! OH MY GOD!


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The Boko Haram is considered one of the most dangerous groups of rebels out there and are responsible for over killing more than 150 people this year alone. The reason they choose to attack schools such as this one is because they've been fighting to enforce Islamic laws in Nigeria.

The students reportedly were about to begin a physics final exam when the school was attacked. About 43 girls plus eight others are said to have escaped. The whereabouts of the rest are unknown and details are scarce to protect those still captive.

However militants suspect that the rebels have taken the girls to the Sambisa forest and have organized search groups to help find the remaining victims. Due to the constant change in details, authorities admit that the number of girls still kidnapped and escaped may also be skewed.

This is such scary news! I can't imagine the horror these girls must be experiencing right now and how worried their parents must be. I hope the government gets their facts and numbers straight and that rescue efforts are on the way. I can't bear to think of any of them being hurt. My thoughts are with the victims and their families as I pray that they return healthy and unharmed.

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