Boston Marathon finish line proposal is most touching thing you'll see all day

The Boston Marathon took place today and for many, it was a chance to complete the race in a symbolic gesture of support to the city still recovering from last year's fatal bombing attack. But for Greg Picklesimer, it was that and more.

After completing the Boston Marathon for the second time this year (he completed it hours before the attack last year), he decided to propose to his girlfriend Carla White at the finish line. Wow! And as luck would have it, a reporter on the scene managed to capture the special moment on camera. Check out the heartwarming photo after the jump!


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According to WBZ, Picklesimer spotted White along the finish line right after finishing the race, got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out of his back pocket.

"After last year I realized the people you love and your life can be taken so quickly," he told reporters. "I didn't want to lose that so I decided to come back and seal the deal."

Of course, White said yes, making this day and event an even more significant one for the two of them.

Obviously, today's run was an emotional one for the entire community and particularly everyone who was at the marathon last year. But I'm so glad that people were able to once again band together, either to participate or just to cheer on loved ones, and come back this year stronger than ever. And it's even better that people like Picklesimer were able to turn the event into a beautiful and loving memory they'll always cherish. Congrats to the happy couple!

Image via Thinkstock & Paula Ebben/Twitter

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