Cute HS couple banned from prom & you'll never believe why

Is it me or are schools punishing students for the stupidest reasons? I've heard of kids getting suspended for sporting unique hairstyles or even wearing certain clothes. But this latest story is 10 times more offensive. A teenage couple from Martin Luther High School in New York was recently banned from attending their prom and for the most unfair reason EVER!


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Anais Celini and her boyfriend of two years, Nathaniel Baez, just wanted to attend their prom together. Now what's wrong with that? But when officials at their school discovered that Baez was transgender, they refused to let them attend prom as a couple. The two are now barred from the event.

Celini told WPIX, that the school claimed they have a policy stating that same-sex couples aren't allowed to attend prom. Seriously, how backwards is that? Even so, according to Celini, she and Baez aren't a same-sex couple because Baez identifies as male and soon will have legal documents to prove it. But the private school which claims they "provide a quality Christian education" still wouldn't budge. They claim that Baez's transition is "unconventional" and not accepted at the prom.

These two kids certainly haven't had it easy. They were both kicked out of their homes after coming out, something a lot of Latino families still aren't comfortable with. Sad thing is, they were looking forward to attending prom together as a way to end the challenges and difficulties they've endured throughout their relationship.

The fact that Martin Luther is a private high school, opposed to a public high school definitely makes things a hell of a lot trickier. Even so, I don't think it's fair to punish students for being a certain way. So one of them is transgender, what's the big deal? Why do they need to be treated like criminals just because they've chosen a certain lifestyle? Fortunately, these two aren't letting this get them down. Baez has already been saving money to throw Celini her own prom where they'll have friends from their school meet up with them afterwards. That's too sweet. But still, if this adorable couple doesn't see anything wrong with their relationship, I don't see why this school has the right to tell them otherwise!

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