Latina teen killed when drunk driver crashes into her bedroom

A California teen was killed while sleeping in her bed after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her apartment early Sunday.

Authorities say the horrific tragedy occurred when 20-year-old Roberto Rodriguez lost control of his SUV, jumped the curb and smashed into 17-year-old Giselle Mendoza's bedroom. The teen was killed on impact. Witnesses say Rodriguez was driving about 80 mph at the time. Now, he could be charged with manslaughter.


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According to the NY Daily News, Rodriguez actually lives across the street from Mendoza's house, where he crashed. Police believe he initially missed his street and then attempted to make the turn too late. Good Samaritans reportedly kept him on the scene until police arrived.

He was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries before being booked into Los Angeles County Jail on felony charges of manslaughter and a bail of $100,000.

Meanwhile, Mendoza's family and friends are left mourning for the teen who lost her life. "She meant everything to me, she was my little sister," her older sibling, Yadira, told KABC-TV.

My heart just breaks for this poor, poor family. It's a tragedy for anyone to lose their life to someone else's reckless decision to drive drunk, but it's even worse considering Mendoza was so young. And it's not like she was out partying or even walking down the street. She was sleeping in her own room at home. You'd think that's the one place your kids would be safe and then something like this happens. It's horrible beyond words. 

Rodriguez's careless actions cost a young girl her life and a family, their beloved daughter and sister. I only hope that he is brought to justice and pays the consequences. My prayers go out to all of Mendoza's loved ones.


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