Gutsy teen asks Miss America to prom, but it doesn't go as planned

A gutsy Pennsylvania high school senior is making headlines after he recently worked up the courage to ask Miss America to the prom during a school assembly—and then promptly got suspended.

When 18-year-old Patrick Farves heard that Nina Davulur was making an appearance at his school, he couldn't resist coming up with a plan. Despite some nerves and a warning from several school officials who got word of the stunt, he went for it (in front of a huge audience, of course) and ended up landing himself in hot water. Still, it seems like stunt might have been worth it anyway. Find out why after the jump!


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Apparently, the teenager waited for the question and answer position of he session before walking to the stage with a plastic flower and asking her to prom. Davuluri reportedly just laughed as the rest of the students cheered.

But school authorities didn't find it so funny. They had allegedly heard about Farves' plan and warned him not to go through with it. He did so anyway and was served three days in-school suspension. He has also since apologized for disrupting a school event and said he "didn't intend to disrespect the administration."

Still, it seems the plan didn't totally backfire.  A friend who was working behind the scenes of the event allegedly told Farves that Miss America thought the stunt was cute. And though she didn't agree to go to prom with him, he says she didn't exactly say no either!  Ha!

Regardless, it's pretty obvious Farves will be the school hero for a little while. And while I get why they had to punish him (since he kinda blatantly disregarded school rules), I also can't help but give him some credit for having some major guts!    

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