WATCH: School security guard breaks students arm (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

broken arm Part-time West Brook High School security guard Stephen Rivers recently broke a student's arm at a school in Beaumont, Texas. He was trrying to break up a fight between students when he basically snapped a student's arm while he was on the ground.

You can hear the kid's bone break and from what I can see, the cop just went too far. The video is unsettling to say the least.


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The mother of the teen boy, of course, complained that her son's arm had been broken completely unnecessarily since the video clearly shows that he was on the ground and immobile when it happened. Rivers has been suspended without pay and an investigation is underway.

District Police Chief Clydell Duncan says, "Once the video was distributed, we were able to view it and there were concerns." Uh, ya think? A female security guard is holding the boy to the ground and Rivers pulls on the kid's arm and them forcefully slams it forward. It's like Rivers purposely makes that kid's arm go in a direction it is not supposed to go. Why? The kid's scream is awful. I can only imagine the pain was horrific.

Apparently, the teen in the video was fighting with another kid. It's not clear why they were fighting, but the two had altercations before. How crazy is it that in trying to keep two kids from hurting each other, the security guard does way more damage than the kids did to each other?

I understand that this security guard was breaking up a fight, but that doesn't mean he's supposed to beat up on the kids. It's not like Rivers broke the arm in self-defense or anything. Nope, he just straight up broke it because he was caught up in the heat of the moment or something.

Do we need another set of officers to watch the officers that are watching our kids?

Here is the horrible footage.

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