WATCH: CHILLING video of father dumping 2-year-old son he starved to death

South Korean father dumping sonGet ready to be shocked! A 22-year-old father is accused of letting his 2-year-old starve to death while while he went to an internet cafe to play video games around the clock. He left the child alone for over one  week and would only come home every three days to feed him. Can you believe this?

On March 7, Chung came home and found his son dead. As despicable as I already think this father is, what he did next makes me think he is even more of a monster.


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Chung left that little boy's body to rot inside of their apartment for a month. Then he shoved the body in a suitcase. Video surveillance footage shows Chung allegedly carrying the boy's decomposing body in the suitcase where the body was later found.

Chung had the nerve to report his son missing to authorities. He was later arrested on suspicion of letting his son starve to death when the remains of the child were found in the suitcase in a garden near the southeastern city of Daegu.

The video footage below is so upsetting. If it is true that Chung did what he is accused of, he has no heart because he walks into the elevator presumably carrying his dead child in luggage and checks himself out in the elevator's mirror as he fiddles with his hair. Then as he's leaving the building he's checking his watch. Why? Is dumping his dead boy's body taking up too much of his precious video game playing time?

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