WATCH: Brazilian woman mugged on live TV & it's all caught on tape!

Ladron rio de janeiroAlthough Brazil is known for their beautiful tourist spots and people, the dark side of the South American country is its high crime rate. Brazilians have seen crime rise 40 percent, according to statistics and it's only getting worse.

In fact, it's SO bad that a woman was mugged as she was being interviewed on live television--about that very topic!


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The unnamed woman is seen on camera being interviewed by a reporter for Brazilian TV network RGTV discussing the severity of crime in her country. As she is speaking, out of nowhere, a young man appears ripping off her gold necklace as he runs away.

The reporter on the scene attempts to chase the mugger down, but the thief is way too fast. The startled woman appears shaken up, but luckily the man left empty-handed as her necklace fell on the ground during the mugging.

The shocking footage raises concern for soccer fans who plan on attending the World Cup this summer in Brazil. With crime rising the country is going to have to take extreme measures to cut down the muggings in time for the big event.

I'm just shocked that this kid had the guts to rob a woman on live TV! That just shows that he has no shame and crime has become so bad in Brazil that people have no limits. I definitely think authorities need to pull in the reigns a lot before their city becomes flooded with tourists for the World Cup. Otherwise it's going to scare off visitors that could have been a positive asset to their economy.

Check out the shocking footage below!

Images vía RJTV

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