Yale threatens to kick out student because she's too skinny

scaleWomen are used to being fat shamed, but we forget that thin women also get attacked. In fact, prestigious Ivy league Yale is in hot water for almost kicking out one of their students for being too thin. The 20-year-old woman, Frances Chan, claims in a personal essay written for The Huffington Post that the school nurse conducts monthly weigh-ins on her because they believe she has an eating disorder.

Not only does their conduct sound unprofessional, but the bigger issue is that Chan claims that her whole family including herself are naturally very thin people.


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Chan stands at 5-foot-2 and weighs 90 pounds. She explains that she has always had a rich diet, but she simply can't gain weight easily. She even says that she has never had a history of illness due to being underweight and has always been healthy.

It wasn't until college that this suddenly became an issue, especially after a health scare had her check in with the school clinician. That's when her weight was addressed and was told she needed to put on the pounds and go to weekly weigh-ins--otherwise she would be put on medical leave by the school. In addition to this, she was also forced to see a nutritionist and a mental health professional where she is expected to talk about the calories she consumes daily and body image. Chan says the school--which has bullied other underweight students in the past--completely disregarded all the medical history she's given them.

The process has taken an emotional toll on Chan who says that it's caused her stress over food and that it could potentially cause her to develop an eating disorder. Yaleis known to take eating disorders seriously, but she thinks they need to stop using BMI to determine health. "By forcing standards upon us that we cannot meet, the University plays the same role as fashion magazines and swimsuit calendars that teach us about the 'correct shape' of the human body," she explains. In fact, she's decided to rebel against the school's "health" standards and instead focus on her studying.

I'm disgusted that a presitigious school such as Yale would stoop so low. I didn't even know it was legal for colleges to keep tabs on students this way and it petrifies me of how this could also be leading to eating disorders. Chan herself says she feels she's on the verge of one and it's shocking that they can get away with it. I'm willing to bet they wouldn't accuse a heavier student of having an eating disorder. For a school with bright individuals it sounds like it's being run by dummies who should leave the medical stuff to REAL doctors.

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