Latinos are getting naked by the dozens in social media and I did it too (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Dozens of Latinos of all ages are posting photos of themselves naked and I did it too. It's not a selfie and definitely it's not part of any ridiculous trend of self promotion. We all know there are enough of those out there. The spontaneous initiative is part of the protest of the student movement in Venezuela against the violations of human rights by their government, and to support one of their own, who was forced to take of his clothes in public.


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As of April 6th, there had been 59 days of continuous anti government protests in Venezuela. My country. I have to tell you, I have never been more proud of my people. There have been 39 people killed in the process. Some of them, were not even actively participating. Nobody has been brought to justice for this killings. It's heartbreaking. There also have been 2,149 people detained, 600 injured and 59 tortured, according to extra official numbers.

The flow of bad news coming from Venezuela is overwhelming and sometimes is hard to separate one day from the other, but last week something stood out. During a protest at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), the most important of the country -based in Caracas- and where I went to college, a group of government supported thugs (there are proofs of this) forced a student to strip down. Then one of them made him get on this motorbike and left him stranded in the middle of the caotic city, that more than six million people call home.

If you wonder what kind of people do something like that, believe me, that's what millions in Venezuela have been asking themselves for years. They are groups supported by the government known as colectivos (Colective groups), that function as an illegal arm of the police.

But to be honest, things are so outrageous and appalling that it doesn't seem to matter anymore. What seems important is how we react to it, and a new trend that emerged this weekend in Twitter and Instagram seems appropriate to me. Instead of cowering after such an humiliation,  dozens of Venezuelans have posted naked pictures of themselves with this hashtag: #MejorDesnudosQue (BetterNakedThan) and #DesnudosConLaUCV (NakedWithTheUCV), to show their support to this poor boy and their rejection to the brutal repression to the protests.

Thousands of kids have been detained by the government of Nicolás Maduro. The sons and daughters of people that I love are everyday on the streets fighting for their future. I went to class, everyday for five years in the white building behind the place where the student was stripped down. This hurts and angers. So #MejorDesnudosQue callados ante criminales (BetterNakedThan silenced by criminals) was my tweet @AliciaCivita.

Imagenes vía Patta Méndez, La Voz Suprema, Twitter


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