Toddler dies after horrible mom left him alone for 20 hours & it gets worse

Every time I hear about a parent neglecting or abusing their child, I just want to scream inside. I swear, there are so many folks out there that really don't deserve to be parents and that was especially the case for Megan Mckeon. The 24-year-old Colorado mom apparently was leaving her 3-year-old son alone in her home for hours at a time with no one watching him. One day she left the toddler home while she went to work and didn't return until the next day only to find the poor boy dead. What kind of mother would do something like that?


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McKeon claims that when she returned to her home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado the following day, she found her 3-year-old son, Austin Davis, dead. He was lying face up with his eyes open. According to reports, McKeon had left the child to go to work at her local supermarket job earlier that day. This loca then spent the night at an unnamed boyfriend's place and didn't come back home until the following morning. Who does that?

The excuse she gave detectives made me livid! Apparently she thought it was okay to leave her kid alone so many hours because she had left him food, juice and a movie playing. Are you freaking kidding me?

And the dad you ask? Well, he was in jail the entire time. He's been in prison for not registering as a sex offender. This poor baby got stuck with the worst parents on the planet! The 3-year-old's paternal grandmother, Charity O'Konski, is pissed! She claims that had she known about the situation she would have volunteered to watch the boy while McKeon worked. "All she had to do was call me," she told CBS 4. "There's no if, ands or buts to what happened. She is accountable for that baby."

There's no doubt about that, McKeon is a 100 percent responsible for her son's death. "Nothing is ever going to be enough, because he will never come back to us but she took his life away and the only way to take her life away is to let her sit behind those bars and let her think about what she did," O'Konski added. Doctors actually think the boy may have ingested prescription meds. Ugh!

McKeon is currently facing child abuse charges and I hope she gets a very VERY long sentence. She deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars!

Image via Routt County Sheriff's Office

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