Abuela may have frozen to death in morgue after being sent there ALIVE

A California man is suing the doctor who proclaimed his wife dead, claiming that she was actually alive in the morgue and ended up freezing to death while struggling to escape.

Morticians reportedly found the body of Guadalupe Arroyo's 80-year-old wife, Maria, face-down in the morgue with severe bruises and cuts. Arroyo initially thought that the body had gotten banged up by the hospital's staff and sued them for negligence. It wasn't until another medical expert was called in that an even more horrifying theory came to light.


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According to court documents, a medical expert called to testify in the case suggested that Maria had been "prematurely declared dead" and was actually still alive and fighting to escape when she froze to death in the hospital's morgue. The mother of eight, who was eventually declared dead from cardiac arrest, also had a broken nose at the time.

Now, Arroyo is suing both the doctor and the hospital for negligence and the wrongful 2010 death of his wife.

A spokesperson for the hospital maintained that they couldn't comment on any "pending litigation" but that they  "continue to disagree with the allegations being made" and are confident they "followed all proper protocals [sic] in this matter."

This is disturbing on so many levels and so incredibly horrible for her family. The fact that there's even an actual possibility that this really happened is unfathomable.  I hope for their sake, that that's not the case and that an investigation will uncover the truth. Regardless, my heart goes out to Maria's children, husband and loved ones for their loss.

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