Teen's nose detached from his FACE during savage school fight & no one did anything!

david eganI was utterly disgusted to hear about what happened to 16-year-old David Egan after a school fight that practically left him disfigured. The teen was the victim of a savage beating by a classmate at their Atlanta school which was all caught on surveillance tape. The attacker is not being named due to his age, but the harm he caused Egan will last him forever.

You see, the boy was beaten so badly that his WHOLE nose became detached from his skull!


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The boy barely recalls the turn of event that led up to the beating. "I didn't even see him move. The first hit everything went blurry. Next thing I know I was on the ground. I didn't even see it coming," he told CBS Atlanta. To make matters worse, NO ONE bothered helping him.

Instead students were cheering on the fight which left Egan with a fractured cheekbone, a detached nose, and two black eyes that were left swollen shut. But what was the reason for the alleged attack to commit something so heinous? Apparently rumors circulated that Egan stole the other boy's shoes. He claims he didn't even know the other student and tried talking sense into him.

Egan's father, Daniel, is furious with the school's teachers and staff for not putting a stop to the horrific fight. Instead of calling an ambulance to help his son, they called him to come and pick him up. The cell phone footage that captured the whole thing shows how helpless Egan was and the other students jeering and laughing. Daniel says his son isn't thinking about what happened and instead is trying to cope with the pain he is currently in. He even had to get plastic surgery to repair the effects of the savage beating.

I'm also disgusted by the way this school handled this fight! This boy wasn't looking for trouble and he stood there taking the blows from his classmate. The other boy faces adult charges for what he did, because he is old enough to know better and he could have easily killed Egan. I also hope that Egan's family sues the school and transfers him to a different district where he will be safer. The details of this story horrified me knowing that things like this go on in our schools and other students encourage it. 


Image via CBS 46

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