Band teacher suspended for using duct tape in an INSANE way

band teacher duct tapes student to chairDuct tape is pretty darned useful. You can use it for all sorts of things, but I wouldn't recommend using it on a child. Nope, not a good idea...EVER! Not even if that child is a teenager with bad posture. I promise you will get in trouble.

Just ask Brian Sullivan the band teacher at Jefferson High School in Monroe, Michigan. He's on paid administrative leave right now because he allegedly duct-taped a student's ankles to her chair. But wait, it's not as bad as it sounds, he was just trying to help her. Actually, scratch is as bad as it sounds.


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What supposedly happened is that Sullivan stresses proper posture while playing and one of his students couldn't keep her feet on the floor. So, Sullivan duct taped each of her ankles to a chair so that she would keep her feet flat on the floor. I guess he thought the behavior would stick once he took off the tape. She was reportedly wearing jeans and boots at the time. I have no idea why the details of what she was wearing matter, but I guess in case you were wondering if her outfit somehow screamed, "tape my ankles to the chair" you can now make an assessment.

The student in question was apparently upset by the incident, but  it was another student  who reported it to school officials.

Debbie Baron, who is a band booster and has a daughter in Mr. Sullivan's class, said, "If it was my daughter, I'd be upset, of course. You just can't do that kind of stuff to kids anymore. But I don't think he should lose his job." I'm sorry, but that statement cracks me up because when was it ever acceptable to duct tape children to furniture? Did I somehow miss that period of time? Ay!

Several students have been petitioning to get Sullivan back in class. Why? Well, this whole situation jeopardizes a trip to Disney World where the band was planning on performing. They are supposed to be leaving on April 9.

I know it is a total bummer that the entire band may have to suffer because Sullivan decided to duct tape one student, but COME ON! How would he like it if he were duct taped on the plane ride to Florida to ensure that he practices proper conduct while in the presence of students?

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