Abuelo murders grandson's girlfriend in front of her 4-month-old baby

An 86-year-old Staten Island, New York abuelo was out for blood Friday evening and it all ended tragically. Heriberto Pagan has been named as the alleged gunman in a crazy family dispute gone horribly wrong that ended with his grandson, Michael Feliciano, shot in the face and in critical condition in the hospital, his grandson's longtime girlfriend, Claritle Christina Huerta, dead from a bullet to the head, their 4-month-old little son orphaned, and the octogenarian abuelo dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. But what could have possibly been the reason for this abuelo to go on such a gruesome killing spree? Family drama, as is so many times the case.


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Feliciano spoke exclusively to the New York Daily News about the bloody day that saw him lose both his girlfriend (who he calls his wife) and his abuelo within a span of hours. Apparently, Pagan wanted the couple and their practically newborn son evicted from the house they were currently living in because he believed the family was taking advantage of his Alzheimer's afflicted daughter, 47-year-old Feliciano's own mom, who owned the house they lived in, but had moved back to Puerto Rico.

On Friday, Pagan showed up at the house, demanding to talk to his grandson. Huerta called Feliciano, who was just around the corner, but when he got to the house, the abuelo was waiting for him with gun in hand. He managed to shoot him in the face, wounding him gravely. But Feliciano didn't know that his girlfriend had been already shot in the head inside the house. Pagan had mortally wounded the 28-year-old mom right in front of her 4-month-old son. Wow, and all over money, unbelievable…

Probably unable to live with what he had done, Pagan drove a few blocks away, got out of his car, and shot himself in the head. In the meantime, Feliciano and Huerta were rushed to Staten Island University Hospital North, where she sadly died. " She was the perfect woman for me," Feliciano said of his girlfriend as he lay in his hospital bed and fought back tears. "She gave me the love that I'm never going to get back from anybody." The two had met three years ago at a drug rehab program.

It's hard to imagine how a family drama could have escalated this drastically. My heart goes out especially to this couple's 4-month-old little guy, who now has to grow up without his mom because of a ridiculous family dispute. I hope Feliciano is able to recover from his injuries and be the best dad he can to his son, but it will be tough, because who knows if he'll have his family's support. It just seems like the family feud in this particular Latino family was just bitter and overwhelming.

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