5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles & there may be more!

los angeles earthquakeThe big 5.1 magnitude quake hit the Los Angeles area at around 9 p.m. local time last night caused some minor damage throughout but major rattled nerves. U.S. Geological Survey placed the epicenter at one mile from Brea, which is about about 20 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, according to AP reports. The quake comes a week after a pre-dawn tremor last week that shook the area with 4.4 magnitude.


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The quake was preceded by a smaller 3.6 shake, which I'm sure put people's nerves on point before the bigger one hit an hour later. Damage included a rockslide near the center of the quake, which caused a car to overturn (and a widespread picture on Twitter and news outlets). Fortunately the people in the car sustained only minor injuries. According to USA Today, up to 50 people are without housing today because of the damage. There have also been water leaks reported, a water main break, and minor structural damage. The tremor was followed by more than 100 aftershocks!

Even though there are no immediate reports of significant damage or injuries, this is enough to make anyone terrified. Even Disneyland had to be evacuated as a precaution.

While an earthquake this big is already frightening enough for everyone in L.A. and the areas hit by the earthquake, the scariest part of this news is that U.S. Geological Survey seismologists believe this quake could be a precursor to an even larger earthquake. That scares me to my core and I'm sure the prospect is terrifying to the residents there. "There could be even a larger earthquake in the next few hours or the next few days," seimologist Lucy Jones at USGS said.

My thoughts and prayers are with Southern California today, as we wake up with the news of another quake in the area. There hasn't been a devastating earthquake there since 1994's 6.7 magnitude Northridge quake that killed several dozen people. I really hope this isn't a precursor to anything larger. Praying for all of you out there!

Image via NBC Los Angeles/Twitter, Sergio/Twitter

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