Woman loses both her 4-month-old baby & her mom in deadly Washington mudslide

The disastrous mudslide that brutally hit Washington state has killed close to 25 people, including a 4-month-old baby girl and her abuelita, and has left more than 90 still missing. Baby Sanoah's body was recovered on Thursday and her grandmother, 45-year-old Christine Jefferds, was found in Snohomish County Saturday morning. ¡Ay, Dios mío!


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Sanoah Violet Huestis was staying at her grandmother's home on Saturday, the day the mudslide hit, killing several and destroying dozens of homes along Steelhead Drive. "Sanoah was just a happy little baby. I'm so glad that this didn't happen to just my mom," the baby's mother Natasha Huestis told Fox affiliate KCPQ. "I'm so glad my mom has someone with her, and she loved that baby. She loved her."

Natasha and her family had been digging for hours through all the mud and debris trying to find her mother and Sanoah. "You keep digging because that is your baby and that is what you do," she said. Sanoah's body was found underneath debris not too far from where the grandmother's body was recovered on Sunday. Natasha and her family refused to bury Jefferds until they found the baby so that they could lay them besides one another.

So far 25 people have been recorded as dead from the tragic event and there's still 90 people missing. The town now looks like a big mess of brown mud and debris. It's so sad!

This is such a terrible situation. Something tells me forensic teams might not be able to recover every missing person. There's so much mud and debris out there it can take weeks, maybe even months before they find them. My heart really goes out to Natasha and her family. I can't even imagine the pain they must all be experiencing right now. At least they were given the peace of mind of actually having the baby and the grandmother's bodies recovered, something many of these victims' families won't get to have.

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