SEE: Model so severely beaten by her boyfriend she was unrecognizable (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Alexandra SeredaDomestic abuse is one of those topics that gets me fired up because I believe that a man should NEVER hit a woman. That's why when I heard about what 33-year-old Pavel Ushanov did to his model girlfriend Alexandra Serada, I was BEYOND livid. The Russian millionaire, who is the CEO of a communications company,  has a warrant out for his arrest after he savagely beat his 27-year-old girlfriend of two years.

I mean, he beat her to the point that it's a MIRACLE that she's still alive. Not only that, but the HORRIFIC condition he left her in shocked me beyond disbelief. Keep the picture to the left in mind because what you are about to see will make your stomach turn...


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The reason behind the horrific act of abuse all started because Serada told Ushanov that she wanted to break up. The woman told Russian media that she recalls that after their talk, he came to her apartment one morning and asked to be let in. At first she didn't want to because he sounded angry, but finally allowed him to enter. She says without a single word he started beating her, punching and kicking her head for over 10 minutes.

The woman cried for help and told him he was going to kill her to which he replied that that's what he wanted. He left the poor woman with a disfigured face that she says left her unrecognizable. "When I looked at the pictures of myself after the attack I looked like a zombie from a horror movie," she told the press. The model is lucky that she managed to get medical help on her own, because Ushanov left immediately after the brutal attack. He is now on the run and police are searching for him after the horrific crime he commited.

I'm completely disgusted that a single person could do something to another human being and have no regrets. The images of how this man left his girlfriend makes me want to cry and have someone do the same to him. Ushanov is the best definition of a coward and should hand himself over to police for what he did. This beautiful woman still has a long road to recovery and who knows what internal damage he may have caused her as well. For her sake I hope he is caught and given the worst sentence he can face in the Russian court of law.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please reach out to this domestica abuse hotline: 1−800−799−7233.

Images vía Alexandra Sereda/Facebook

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