Mom savagely beat her toddler to death & the reason will SHOCK you

Apparently, this mother's love was not unconditional. Fueled by suspicions that he might be gay, Jessica Dutro of Tigard, Oregon, beat her 4-year-old son Zachary to death. On August 14, 2012, Dutro and her boyfriend 24-year-old Brian Canady called 911 and reported that young Zachary had collapsed at Good Neighborhood Center, a homeless shelter in which the family was staying, and was now unconscious. Two days later, Zachary was taken off a ventilator and pronounced dead. The cause: blunt force trauma to the abdomen so severe, it had caused tearing of the bowels. The evil 25-year-old mom Dutro was charged with murder, murder by abuse, and second-degree assault.

The details of the case point to a long-time pattern of abuse. Read on for the heartbreaking details.


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Her boyfriend had also played a role in the beating, kicking Zachary in the stomach at Dutro's request. Canady pled guilty to manslaughter on March 14 and agreed to testify against his former mate in exchange for having some of the more serious charges against him--among them four counts of murder by abuse.

This was hardly an isolated incident--in fact, Dutro had a history of abusing all three of her children. Dutro's 7-year-old daughter told investigators that, along with her siblings, she was beaten repeatedly for "not being good." The young girl even recounted the events that resulted in Zachary's death: how Dutro and Canady had kicked and punched her littler brother until he stopped breathing but never contacted anyone. On the morning of August 14, Dutro begrudgingly placed Zachary in the shower after discovering the child had wet himself. What she thought had been an instance of bed-wetting was way more severe. Apparently, the contents of Zachary's torn intestine were leaking out of his body. By the time Dutro called 911, then, the child was virtually dead. 

Further investigation pointed to several Facebook exchanges in which Dutro sent messages to Canady pertaining to Zachary, expressing anger and frustration over the possibility of him being gay, using slurs to reference homosexuals, and suggesting that they needed to somehow "correct" his behavior and mannerisms. Prosecutors think this may have been the reason why Zachary received the harshest treatment.

It's hard to fathom how a mother could systematically abuse and berate her own children or how she could be so enraged by something as natural as sexual orientation. You know what I'd do if my son grew up and told me his dream was to be a drag queen? I'd learn how to sew his costumes and teach him some handy makeup tricks. Why? Because I will always support and love him. That's what a mother does.

As for Dutro's fate, I wouldn't shed a single tear if, while in prison, this monster of a woman was beaten so severely by a fellow inmate that her intestines leaked out of her body. 

Images via Corbis, Washington County Sheriff's Dept.

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