WATCH: Creepy video shows ghosts hurling glass off shelves in haunted shop

ellacoya country store If you don't believe in ghosts, then this video might make you reconsider. Ghost hunters were called to Ellacoya Country Store, a shop in New Hampshire after paranormal activity was spotted by their surveillance cameras. The eerie incident apparently isn't the first time the store has seen such spooky instances.

Wait till you see what the video footage shows. It's scary enough to give you goosebumps!


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I try not to feed into the whole ghosts theory, but this video made me second guess my thoughts altogether! In the video you see an empty room and a glass tray sitting on the counter. Suddenly it flies off the tabletop and goes crashing onto the ground.

One store worker, Heidi Boyd, recalls the incident vividly because no one else was in the room. "I heard this big bang and crash," explained Boyd. "I walked around and looked and it was on the floor."

The supposed haunted store has a history of scaring customers in the past. "We've had a couple of incidents where people had their shoulders pulled," said store owner Steve Buzzota. Although the ghost hunters haven't investigated the spooky shop yet, skeptics are beginning to believe that it is haunted. 

I watched the video and it freaked me out because there is nothing that can explain why the glass tray suddenly falls off the counter. This is coming from a person who finds paranormal activity occurences to be a sham ... but I'm convinced. If you aren't sure if you believe any of it, watch the video and give us your two cents! But be warned, you might jump out of your seat!

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