Newlywed woman killed & you'll never believe who the murderers are

hennaA 26-year-old woman in India married a man of a different caste and faced the most awful consequence. The victim, P. Deepthi, married Kiran Kumar against her parents' wishes. Instead of accepting their daughter's happiness, the duo decided to take matters into their own hands and do the unthinkable.

You won't believe what this mother and father planned out and did so shamelessly!


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Deepthi worked with Kumar at a tech company and knew her parents wouldn't approve of them being together when she married him. The woman thought her parents were coming around to the idea of their union when they told her they wanted to honor their marriage with their traditional Indian rituals.

The couple visited her hometown this past weekend as Deepthi stayed with her parents and Kumar stayed at a nearby hostel. It wasn't until Sunday that things became suspicious when the groom couldn't get a hold of his new bride via cell phone.

After asking police for help, he received the worst news any newlywed could receive. His wife was found strangled to death on a bed, but her parents were nowhere in sight. Police eventually caught them in a nearby town the next day. They admitted to killing their daughter and convincing her that they approved of her marriage to lure her into their trap.They were arrested, but it is unclear what criminal charges they will be facing. 

I'm utterly disgusted that these parents actually went out of their way to plan their daughter's murder. You have to be disgustingly selfish and cold-hearted to even think of committing something so awful. I understand the culture is different, but as parents, could they not tolerate their daughter being with someone who makes her happy? I hope they get the worst sentencing their country can give them because what they did is unforgivable.

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