Burger King baby finally reunited with biological mom

kathryn deprill burger king babyThey say that in order to love, you must first learn how to forgive. If that adage is, in fact, true, then Katheryn Deprill has plenty of love to offer. Twenty-seven years ago, as a newborn, Deprill was abandoned by her mother at a Burger King restroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania and, rather than hold on to any anger or resentment, she decided to locate her biological mom--not to chastise, question or berate her, but simply to build a relationship with her.


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What has made Deprill's search so unique is that she turned to social media for assistance in her quest. On March 2, Deprill uploaded a photo onto Facebook in which she was holding up a sign that read, "Looking for my birth mother She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old, Allentown PA. Please help me find her by sharing my post." Facebook users were so touched by the story, that the photo was shared over 30,000 times on Facebook and eventually earned the attention of media outlets across the nation, in which she was given the nickname "Burger King Baby."

The tactic proved successful. The woman who allegedly abandoned Deprill came forward and, with the help of attorney John Waldron, she arranged to meet her daughter.

Deprill, an EMT worker and married mother of three, finally met her mother on Monday, at Waldron's office and said that, during the encounter, she received "the hug she'd wanted for 27 years." Beaming with joy, Deprill has expressed gratitude to all those who helped her locate her mother and has said she fully intends to build a close rapport with her mom.

According to a statement made by Waldron, there were extenuating circumstances that led his client to abandon her child: she'd been raped while traveling abroad and subsequently became pregnant. Scared, she hid the pregnancy from her parents and, after giving birth, she decided she couldn't bring the newborn to the hospital without her parents learning the truth. In a state of panic, she left the child at a Burger Kind restroom.

I can understand that Deprill's mother was young and afraid, but no circumstance could justify her leaving a newborn at a fast food restaurant bathroom. Who discards a newborn baby as if it were a used tampon? Deprill is clearly a better woman than I am because I can't imagine ever forgiving my birth mom if she'd abandoned me in such a manner. That said, I'm glad Deprill got the happy ending she so desperately wanted. Hopefully this will mark the beginning of a new chapter for mother and daughter.

Image via Katheryn "Burger King Baby" Deprill/Facebook

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