SEE: New nipple tattoo trend is the latest beauty craze

I thought I heard every bad beauty trend in the book--vaginal bleaching, butt facials, Barbie surgery, you name it! That was before I found out about the latest beauty craze making its way around the U.K.--nipple tattooing! Yes girl, nipple tattooing ... or should I say, "tittooing." It's apparently the hottest thing right now among women (and even men) who want to darken, enlarge and define their nipples and areolas. Oh and did I mention that some clients request to have their areolas re-shaped into hearts? Seriously, what are they going to come up with next?


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Funny thing is before it became a fad, nipple tattooing was strictly used for patients who had undergone mastectomies and needed a new nipple and areola created.  But now women are requesting these procedures just to make their nipples look sexier ... and I have to be honest, it's the weirdest thing ever.

"There's been a huge increase in this procedure over the last year," Kate Lovland, owner of Manchester based clinic Skin-By-Design told BodyConfidental. "We used to do just one procedure a month, which was more areola construction, whereas now we're just doing cosmetic colouring. Women want to make their nipples look darker or more even. Darker nipples now seem to be in fashion with ladies wanting a much pinker or browner areola."

The procedure can take up to two hours and the tattooing is done with semi-permanent ink, costing close to $2,000 for both nipples. And trust me, chica, it gets crazier than this! Not only are women requesting darker and larger nipples, but they're also asking to have their areolas reshaped too. "We get requests from girls wanting to alter the natural shape of their nipple, common requests we get are diamonds and hearts," Lovland added. Um, that's just gross!

The semi-permanent treatment only last for 12 to 18 months, which means you have to schedule touch ups to help restore the color because it will fade with time. Fortunately, it's FDA approved and doesn't come with any real heal risks, but still!

We're really living in a beauty obsessed world where women place WAY too much importance on their looks. I'm all for keeping up with your appearance, but when it gets to the point where you're constantly altering your looks then there's a problem. So what if dark nipples are in. Can't we just embrace our imperfections? But I guess that's easier said than done!

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