Mom jailed after her babies try to cross busy road alone

Mom arrested after babies cross busy street aloneYolanda Gonzales is the  28 year old mother of four little girls ranging from the ages of 8 years old to 8 months old. Gonzales and her little girls had recently moved in from out of state with a friend to the Bradford Square Apartments in Oklahoma City. Neighbors had noticed that the girls were very sweet, but seemed to be left to their own devices quite a bit. On Saturday evening Kayelee Vazquez, a neighbor, came to the rescue of the 3-year-old and the 8-month old as they attempted to cross a ridiculously busy street all by themselves. Oh yes, the 3-year-old was carrying the 8-month-old. It's nuts.


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Vasquez  describes seeing the 3-year-old with the baby like this:

She stopped kind of like right past the yellow line to try and juggle the baby because she almost fell...I started running because I saw a truck coming up over the hill. I ran, I grabbed the baby out of her, grabbed her arm and I ran back to the house.

These children could have died. Vazquez called the police and it's a good thing she did. The conditions the police found the children in led to the arrest of Yolanda Gonzales for four counts of enabling child neglect. What's up with the word enabling? Sounds to me like she is straight up responsible for child neglect not for enabling it.

Yolanda Gonzales

Police found the four girls all alone in an upstairs bedroom playing with a gaming system. The baby had a "severely soiled diaper" and the girls hadn't eaten all day. Unbelievable.

All four girls have been placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services. This breaks my heart. I hope these little girls manage to stay together and find a loving and safe environment in which to be raised. I'm glad that Kayelee Vazquez pulled those babies out of traffic and called the cops.

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