SEE: Woman left with SQUARE breasts after botched plastic surgery

I've heard quite a few plastic surgery gone bad stories, but none quite as traumatizing as the story of poor Dawn Roberts. The 45-year-old woman's botched operation left her with square-shaped boobs. Yes, SQUARE! On top of that she has a ton of scars, pitted holes and even a triangle-shaped lump protruding from her left breast. The poor thing got married 12 months ago and still hasn't gone on her honeymoon because she's afraid to wear any sort of swimsuit that might expose her chest. iPobrecita!


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Roberts' problems all started after a second breast reduction surgery. Her 36FF breasts were causing serious neck and back pains and she wanted to get them reduced before her wedding day. After the first surgery, Roberts' breasts went to a 36C and she was happier than ever. But after putting on a couple of pounds, the new weight gain made the reduced breasts grow larger in size.

But because her wedding was only three months away, the bride-to-be was worried about going under the knife again. Her doctor insisted she'd be fine, so she did the second reduction, only this time things didn't turn out so great. In fact, she woke up to square-shaped boobs filled with indents and scars, no cleavage and a triangular lump on one side. It was horrible!

"One breast is higher than the other and both are completely square," she said. "On one side, there's a big triangle bulge--it's complete disfigurement." She even had to bandage her breasts underneath her bra to hide the botched job on her wedding day. She also hasn't gone on her Egyptian honeymoon yet because she's way too ashamed to even think about wearing a swimsuit. It's even affected her sex life with her new husband because she's so self-conscious about her body now.

"Even though he's [her husband] been very patient and very supportive, I'm not the same person that he met. I've been left so disfigured, I just don't feel like a woman anymore. It really has ruined my life," she added.

I feel so bad for this woman, there's nothing worse than having plastic surgery just to come out looking worse. It's especially traumatizing because it all happened just months before her wedding. Hopefully she can find a surgeon who can reverse the job and give her, her life back. It can't be easy walking around with square-shaped boobs!

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