Principal who told students not to speak Spanish is fired, YAY!

A Texas middle school principal that refused to let her students speak Spanish in class has been fired from her job after the school board decided that her actions weren't in line with the district's values.

Amy Lacey first made headlines last year after she allegedly took to the loudspeaker to tell her students--more than 50 percent of whom are reportedly Hispanic--that they were no longer allowed to the language on campus. The move caused tons of public backlash and spurred school officials to take further disciplinary measures.


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After the controversial incident, Lacey was placed on paid administrative leave while the school determined whether she should stay her in position. And as of this week, the decision has officially been made--the board decided not to renew her contract.

I'm honestly not all that surprised that school officials ultimately decided to keep Lacey from returning to her position. Her attempt to implement an all-out ban on speaking Spanish, particularly in a place where the language is so prevalent, showed a huge lack of judgment on her part. Not to mention, the way she went about it (allegedly telling one student who spoke primarily Spanish to "get out" of the class) reflected poorly on the entire school. After all, it's not as if we're talking about someone who played minor role in the overall running of the school. She was the PRINCIPAL, for goodness sake, and she should've known better.

I'm glad that the school board realized that her actions were out of line and refused to implement the rule. Hopefully now, whoever they bring into replace her will focus on fostering a more open and helpful place of learning for the students.

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