WATCH: Mob throws man off bridge as he takes his pregnant wife to hospital (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

mobOn March 12th, 27-year-old Raúl Lezcano tried to take his pregnant wife, Ana, to the hospital because she was having severe abdominal pains. Instead of waiting for an ambulance Lezcano and his wife hopped on his motorbike and tried to cross the Puente Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, Argentina that had recently been taken over by striking workers.

Lezcano—who has an orthopedic leg—tried to explain what was going on to the crowd, and asked if they would let him through. The answer he got was NOT what he expected. In the words of his wife, "They were like animals, they didn't care if he died." You will not believe the video.


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Lezcano was ignored the first time he tried to explain his situation, so he tried again and someone in the crowd punched him in the face. The next thing you know, he was robbed, beaten and almost killed. According to his wife, they stole his wallet, cell phone and even tried to take his orthopedic leg, but couldn't get it off. What good would this man's orthopedic leg do to anyone else? Then, they threw him off the bridge, like a bag of garbage.

He landed on the road below and people tried to get him to move. HELLO, you don't move someone who has had a fall like that because you could do more damage! Lezcano is reportedly in the hospital in critical condition and no one from the union has visited or offered to pay his medical bills. Deplorable. I truly hope that Lezcano recovers from his injuries and that no permanent physical damage was done.

The only good news I can tell you is that his wife is okay. Her unborn baby is developing well despite the pains that she was having on the day this horrible incident happened.

Here is the video. Just proof that the mob mentality is real and can make people do the ugliest things. Fair warning, this is graphic and super disturbing...

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