Son is killed defending his mom & you won't believe why!

Tony Burgess was murdered by a gunshot to the head after he confronted a pack of roughnecks who were mocking his mother's singing earlier in the evening. Sunday night, Verbena Burgess was outside of her home and overcome with song in her heart. She started singing and a group of thugs across the street from her home in the Bronx, New York, came to her side just to harass her and started yelling at her to "Shut up!" What happened after the thugs harrassed her is truly the stuff of nightmares.


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Upset and probably a little afraid, she told the men, "I'll call the cops or I'm going to ring the bell and get my sons." They provoked her further and she got her boys to come out and run them off, as any good sons would do. Her sons and the men got into a fight and then the everyone went home. Later that night, the thugs returned to her home, forced their way in and shot her son, 24-year-old Tony Burgess. He died for protecting his mother.

I don't know about you but my mom is one of the most important people in my world. When I was a child, I remember my best friend riding her bike down our street. We were in a tiff as 7-year-old BFFs are known to be. She stuck her tongue out at my mom as she sped past on her Schwinn and I ran off the porch and pounced on her (and her bike). I will never forget that and I am pretty sure she won't either but she needed to know that my mom is above reproach and tongues hanging out of kids' faces.

My mom gave me life, protected me and kept me healthy and safe when I was a child. In my mind, she was the prettiest, gentlest, sweetest, most caring mom in the world. I strongly suspect that is how we all feel about our mothers, especially as children. I still think she is amazing and, after having children myself, I have the greatest respect for my mom. I don't know how she did it.

Just like Tony Burgess and his brothers, if someone were unkind to my mom, made her cry or insulted her, I would run to her rescue at all costs. There is nothing worse than seeing the woman who gave you everything be mistreated or hurt by anyone. I commend Tony Burgess for what he and his brothers did, they loved their mother and protected her honor. Unfortunately, the world is full of misguided assholes and the Burgess boys didn't consider the brutal animals they were dealing with and paid the ultimate cost. Hopefully, the animals who did this will be put into a cage for the rest of their lives, where they belong.

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