Teen accidentally kills younger cousin with his parents' gun

gunTragedy struck a family in Franklin Township, Ohio after an 11-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed by his 15-year-old cousin. The child at fault remains unidentified and was home alone with his younger cousin, Ashton Nicholson during a snow day.

The kids found a gun in the parents' bedroom of the eldest boy's and that's when the unthinkable happened.


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Police say the gun was not secure or hidden in the bedroom which is why the kids had easy access to it. Reportedly the twosome handled the gun individually but it went off once it was given to the 15-year-old.

The teen's older brother was in the bathroom at the time of the incident, but called police immediately after the fact. Nicholson was pronounced dead at the scene as his distraught cousins cooperated with police. Lieutenant Gregory Johnson, who investigated the shooting, says that it was a pure accident. "I have nothing to indicate that it was an intentional act, nothing to indicate that whatsoever," he told News Net 5.

The teen's parents, who weren't around at the time, may face criminal charges for irresponsibly storing the gun in their home. Meanwhile police urge all gun owners to hide and safely store their weapons from their kids. They also hope parents will talk to their children about the dangers of fire arms to avoid another instance like this one.

It breaks my heart to know that these children's lives changed in a matter of seconds. I'm sure the teen feels infinite amounts of guilt right now and sadness, but this is why guns are dangerous to keep in the home. It is especially a hazard if children are under the same roof as the gun owner. Parents have to keep in mind that children are curious no matter what their age and weapons such as this one should have been away from their reach. My thoughts and prayers are with the Nicholson family during this difficult time.

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